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Promoting Access for All
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World Toilet Day

Making an Impact on Communities in the Philippines
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Haiyan: One Year Later

A New Greeting Is Now Common in West Africa
Show support for communities fighting Ebola.


Celebrating hygiene and health worldwide.
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Handwashing Day Celebrations!

Support Plan's Efforts to Contain Ebola in West Africa.
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Prevent Deadly Ebola Virus

Advocating For Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene
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Improving Lives with WASH

Ensuring Education For a Brighter Future
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Committed to Education

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Ebola Virus Update

Plan is carrying out Ebola awareness raising efforts and prevention campaigns through television, radio, posters, and mobile text messaging in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Senegal. Help Plan combat the Ebola virus in West Africa.

Featured Country:  The Philippines

Plan works in the Philippines, improving the lives of children and families in many ways, including the management of response and relief efforts during natural disasters.


Learn more about the Philippines and how Plan is helping!

Cause:  Fight the Ebola Virus

Communities, especially children, living in West Africa are vulnerable to the deadly Ebola virus.


Learn how Plan is leading an effort to fight the virus, and find out how you can help!

Featured Program:  Risk Reduction

Preparation can make all the difference when the worst happens. Plan works with children, young people, and communities to identify disaster risks and strengthen their resilience.


Learn more about how Plan is preparing communities.

Featured Issue:  Emergency Response

From providing immediate disaster and emergency relief to running long-term recovery projects, Plan works to protect the rights of children during emergencies.



Learn more about how Plan is responding to disasters.