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Earthquake survivors in Nepal need your help.
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Disaster Relief in Nepal

Read a Plan staff memberís first-hand account.
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From the Ground in Nepal

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Gifts of Hope

Help prevent, treat, and eradicate malaria.
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World Malaria Day

Working Together to End Violence Against Women
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India's Daughter

Recognize the Importance of Clean, Safe Water.
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World Water Day

Actress Freida Pinto is Hopeful After Philippines Visit.
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Building Back Better

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Sponsored Child Update

Plan staff are focusing on providing emergency relief and are unable to provide news on sponsored children at this time. We will continue to release details as we assess the situation in Nepal. Please check our website, as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates.

Featured Region:  Northern Triangle

Plan has been working in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras for more than three decades, focusing on programs in sexual and reproductive health, gender equality, education, and youth empowerment.



Find out how Plan is working with communities in the Northern Triangle:

Cause:  Support Maternal Health

Plan’s maternal health programs seek to educate and enable pregnant women and new mothers to access services that could be potentially life-saving for both them and their babies.



Find out how Plan is working to ensure pregnant women and young mothers are able to live healthy lives and give their babies a great start!

Featured Issue:  Teen Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy affects tens of millions of children and youth because they do not have the information or services needed to protect themselves.




Find out how Plan’s awareness-raising and direct response programs empower children so they can achieve their full potential.

Featured Program:  Sexual Education

Reproductive and sexual health education ensures youth and adolescents avoid teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and gender-based violence.



Find out how Plan is working at the community level to support youth and adolescents by providing resources and sexual education.