10x10 Presents Girl Rising

As part of Plan’s Because I am a Girl initiative, we are working with 10x10 to raise awareness that educating and empowering girls can break the cycle of poverty in just one generation. For additional ways to get involved in our campaign, check out the projects Plan is implementing around the world to give girls a brighter future!

We are proud to announce our involvement in 10x10’s groundbreaking film, Girl Rising.

For those who haven’t had the chance to see Girl Rising on the big screen yet, or missed the airing on CNN on June 16th, you can bring the film to your local theater!

CNN is featuring related content on its Impact Your World site.

We’d love to encourage our supporters everywhere to gather together for entertainment, inspiration and action. As Girl Rising makes its international television premiere, people can host parties – in homes, libraries, community centers, schools, etc. – to watch this unforgettable film together and share the experience across continents. These gatherings are a celebratory occasion to create visibility for girls and an opportunity to raise funds to support them.

A good time – and a time to do some good.

We’re excited to have you join us in a worldwide event to impact the lives of millions of girls!

Check out the latest Girl Rising trailer!

Images have been provided by 10x10