Education Burkina Faso

Primary Education

Education Burkina Faso

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Protection El Salvador

Boys and Girls Against Violence

Empowerment Sierra Leone

Financial Literacy and Leadership


Leadership to Prevent Violence


Fighting Child Trafficking

Health Indonesia

Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies

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Education Ethiopia

Primary Education


Combating Child Labor


How your support is changing girls' lives around the world.

Your gifts to Because I am a Girl directly support projects that create better lives for girls, young women, and their communities around the world. Girls in different environments have different needs, so these projects cover everything from clean water and nutrition to education and microfinance. Check out our current projects and then see how you can get involved.

Burkina Faso: Primary Education

Burkina Faso: Primary School Education.

Only 50 percent of girls in Burkina Faso go to primary school, and only 17 percent attend secondary school. See how you can join renowned model Toni Garrn to provide a better learning environment for girls. Learn more.

Egypt: Empowerment

Egypt: Leadership to Prevent Violence.

With the increasing instability in Egypt, girls are suffering the most from abuse and discrimination. But see how your support can help a girl become a leader to secure her own future free from violence. Read more

El Salvador: Protection

El Salvador: Girls and Boys Against Violence.

El Salvador may not be at war, but it still one of the deadliest regions in the world, with more women killed per capita than anywhere else in the world. Learn how girls and boys are fighting violence in their communities.

Ethiopia: Education

Ethiopia: Primary School.

Ethiopia has over 1 million young girls out of school. See how your support can give a girl the chance to go to school – and lift her entire family out of poverty. Read more

India: Protection

India: Combating Child Labor.

As many as 60 million children are engaged in labor in India – that’s more child laborers than in any other country in the world. Learn how your support will free a girl from a life of hard labor and give her a chance at a new life.

Indonesia: Health

Indonesia: Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies.

A young mother in rural Indonesia doesn’t have the luxury of prenatal healthcare – and as a result, over 7 million babies suffer from malnutrition in this country. Learn how your gifts can fight malnutrition in Indonesia and save lives.

Nepal: Protection

Nepal: Fighting Child Trafficking.

The trafficking of girls is perhaps the most horrific and ruinous violation of human rights, and over 11,000 girls are trafficked every year from Nepal. You can protect a girl from a life of slavery or forced prostitution. Read more

Vietnam: Microfinance

Vietnam: Microfinance.

Without basic knowledge of finance, a young woman in Vietnam is trapped – stuck in the day-to-day struggle to simply make ends meet. Learn how your support can help a young woman in Vietnam to stand on her own feet and secure a bright future for herself and her family.