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Senegal: Projet de Santé Communautaire/Community Health Project

Donor: USAID via ChildFund International
Project Dates: August 2006 – September 2011
Project Amount: $4,341,124
Technical Areas Covered: Health


Project Summary:

The majority of Senegalese live in remote, rural areas beyond the reach of government health facilities. Recognizing the critical role of community-based healthcare services, Plan International and five other partner organizations implemented the Projet de Santé Communautaire in five regions of the country. The project aimed to ensure access to a basic package of critical health services through a revitalized network of health facilities known as “health huts”.

Accordingly, the program aimed to achieve the following results-based objectives:

  • An expanded set of basic standard health services to be offered at all health huts;
  • Regular and consistent referral and follow-up of cases requiring referral to increase by at least 70 percentage points above baseline;
  • Knowledge of key health services offered at the health hut and community level to increase by at least 50 percentage points;
  • Percentage of those practicing key health-enhancing behavior to increase by 50 percentage points; and
  • Respect of Ministry of Health (MoH) protocols for treatment of illnesses increases by 60 percentage points.

After five years of implementation, an evaluation of Phase I conducted by an independent firm found “The Community Health Program …has succeeded in responding to the need, felt strongly by the MOH, to elevate community health to a high level of importance. It has achieved a level of coverage significantly greater than in similar community health programs in other countries with which the evaluation team is familiar. Services offered as a result of this program have become not only appreciated but expected in villages and communities served by functioning [health huts]. Of note also is the strong belief among leadership of different departments of the Ministry of Health in the importance of considering community health as an essential element of national health care strategy.” (Initiatives Inc. 2011)