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Guinea: Stop Exploitive Child Labor and Educate Children Today (SELECT)

Donor: USDOL/Prime: World Education
Grant Amount: $516,083
Project Dates: November 1, 2008 to September 29, 2011
Technical Areas Covered: Child Trafficking


Project Summary:

SELECT uses a combination of approaches to identify trafficked, at-risk, and labor-exploited children. Training and mobilization of Child Protection Committees is at the core of this strategy. Using interventions such as non-formal education centers, recovery and rehabilitation centers, and vocational education training courses, apprenticeships, mentoring programs, in-kind scholarships, and supplemental school feeding programs, the SELECT project aims to target over 7,000 at-risk and trafficked children in the Kindia, Nzerekore, and Faranah regions of Guinea.

To effectively address the intertwined problems of exploitive child labor and trafficking, SELECT will target a total of 7,200 direct beneficiaries, of which 3,600 will be withdrawn from exploitive child labor and 3,600 at-risk children will be prevented from entering into exploitive child labor. Each partner will work in 3 prefectures, and 5 sub prefectures per region. The selected prefectures cover both urban and rural areas, in recognition that most of the trafficking in Guinea is internal trafficking, from rural to urban areas and that it is vital to have a presence in both settings in order to combat ECL. As most ECL and trafficking of girls in Guinea occurs in the domestic service sector for girls and in agriculture for boys, targeting rural and urban areas as well as the domestic service and agriculture sectors in these three regions will allow SELECT to access the appropriate targeted direct beneficiaries for this program to combat trafficking in Guinea through withdrawal, prevention and education.

Program objectives include:

  • Withdrawing children and preventing children from participating in exploitive child labor.
  • Strengthening Guinea's capacity to combat child trafficking and exploitive child labor.
  • Promoting the long-term practical value of education.
  • Raising awareness of child trafficking and exploitive child labor.
  • Increasing national capacity to address the issues of child labor and trafficking in Guinea.
  • Working with local partners, as well as international NGOs such as ChildFund International, Plan International and SageFox, World Education will use a community-driven approach to promote action and change from within and create sustainable environments that keep children in school.