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Senegal: EDB Project (Education de Base)

Donor: funded by USAID through FHI 360
Grant Amount: $2,240,475
Project Dates: October 1, 2008 to August 31, 2013
Technical Area Covered: Education


Project Summary:

A large portion of vulnerable children are Talibes (religious students) attending Koranic schools (Daara) many of whom are boarders living far from their families. Plan Senegal within a consortium framework is working in a program targeting vulnerable children in daaras (Talibes). With this program Plan is covering the regions of Louga and Dakar with a target of 6996 Talibes (6-18 years old) from 110 daaras. The goal of this program is to increase access to quality educational opportunities for vulnerable children in daaras. Through this program Plan aims to support children in daraas improving their access to literacy, and at the same time gather stakeholders to find a sustainable educational model to integrate children in the formal educational cycle.

Projected results:

  • At least 50,000 Talibes and street children will be enrolled in school or will benefit from special programs that provide education, training and assistance in reuniting with their families.
  • 530 Daaras will improve conditions for their Talibes by reducing time for begging on the streets; enroll them in nearby schools or education programs and improving their living conditions (latrines, water, sleeping area, and canteen).
  • Fifty (50) NGOs, and CBOs will be trained and receive grants to improve living conditions of and provide education opportunities for vulnerable Talibe and street children.
  • 5,000 children will be prevented from leaving home and will attend Koranic schools and academic schools near their village in the four PAEM regions.
  • The GOS will develop a comprehensive policy for assisting vulnerable children to get off of streets and into to schools based on operational successes and lessons learned from EQUATE and other donor programs.