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Burkina Faso: BRIGHT II Program

Project Amount: $22,500,000
Project Dates: October 1, 2009 to July 31, 2012
Technical Area Covered: Education


Project Summary:

The BRIGHT project was implemented to improve access to quality education for girls in Burkina Faso. The program involved building 132 girl-friendly school complexes, strengthening local partners’ capacities, and mobilizing local communities in 10 provinces with the lowest girls’ education rate among the country’s 45 provinces.

In addition, the project incorporated food programs, including take-home rations, as well as literacy training. These activities were conceived to increase both the supply of and demand for primary education, particularly for girls. The approaches involved community participation in the construction of the school complexes, mentoring of school girls, and food management.

The BRIGHT II schools project (Burkinabé Response to Improve Girls’ Chances to Succeed) continues on success of the Burkina Faso MCC/USAID threshold program (BRIGHT I), which helped construct 132 schools and improve girls’ enrolment in primary school. The overall goal of BRIGHT II is to help improve girls’ primary school completion rates by providing with classrooms for grades 4 to 6. BRIGHT II is implemented by the consortium of partners (Plan, CRS, FAWE and Tin Tua) who successfully completed BRIGHT I.

BRIGHT II consists of the construction of physical infrastructures, and of activities seeking the full commitment of communities in children’s education, and also building community capacity to contribute to the life of the school and success of the children. BRIGHT II aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • The normalization of the 132 school complexes built under BRIGHT I to have additional classrooms for grades 4 through 6;
  • The construction of additional boreholes, water catchment systems and kindergartens, including playgrounds and equipment;
  • The provision of daily meals during the school year for an estimated 13,000 children;
  • The implementation of social mobilization campaigns, adult literacy and training on micro-projects management activity.

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