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Cameroon: PASE Project (Programme D’appui Au Système Educatif du Cameroun)

Donor: World Bank directly to Plan Cameroon
Project Amount: Approximately $3,600,000
Project Dates: July 2011 to October 2012
Technical Area Covered: Education


Project Summary:

Cameroon, more notably in the Priority Education Zones (including parts of Adamawa, and the north east), is faced with challenges that have hindered the quality and access to education for children. There has been a lack of parental involvement in school management, supporting school councils and associations. Isolation has hindered access to schools and created a large population of children remaining at home. Quality of education, both in terms of management of schools and councils, and in terms of infrastructure has been of concern. To combat this, the World Bank alongside the MoE, supported by Plan Cameroon, are implementing the PASE project with the objective to increase the participation of communities to support and follow-up the reforms in schools with four main components:

  1. The rehabilitation of classrooms (after an assessment of the situation of 86 schools);
  2. The mobilization and sensitization of communities in favour of all children schooling trough incentives to improve the learning framework and quality;
  3. The development of capacities of the School Boards for a better community management;
  4. The implementation of an environmental and social management planning.