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Nogaye: Senegal's First Sponsored Child

Nogaye (center) and her family in 1986
Nogaye (center) and her family in 1986

Nogaye was living with her mother and brothers—her father died when she was young. Although her mother Amie could not read or write, she decided to take care of her daughter’s educational needs and enroll her at school.

At that time there was no school in their village of Dounguel. The nearest one was four kilometers away, however despite the distance and her young age, her mother enrolled her at school anyway. Nogaye was very proud and enjoyed attending school, Amie hoped her daughter would become a teacher.

When Plan Senegal opened a program unit in Thies in 1986, Nogaye was the first registered sponsored child and received school supplies and assistance to help her with her studies. Her mother also benefited from Plan’s work when she joined a Women’s Association which was developed and supported by Plan.

Dounguel village lacked electricity, running water and sanitary facilities. Nogaye’s family lived in two rectangular rooms with a corrugated metal roof and two traditional thatched huts with no latrine. After school Nogaye was expected to help with the domestic chores so it was very difficult for Nogaye to find the time do her homework. Despite her difficult home conditions Nogaye enjoyed her studies and always achieved good marks at school.

After graduating Nogaye went to college and continued to receive support from Plan. After two years at the University of Dakar, she decided to return to Thies and follow a management course where she obtained a degree in financial banking and insurance. With the help of Plan, Nogaye won an internship at a savings and credit bank established by Plan to develop female entrepreneurship.

After 6 months she had was recruited to be an agent at the bank. Today she is a Senior Credit Agent and is currently undertaking a master degree in management. She thanks Plan for everything they have done for her and her village.

“My village now has many projects through Plan especially education. When we were children most of us were not be able to go to school. Rare are the parents who decided to allow their children to walk 4 kilometers a day to study. Now the school is a few meters from from houses. There is no more excuse for parents not to send their children to school. Education is the basis of all. It always remains a gap if you are not educated.

The best investment today is investing in girl’s education. Only quality education can help and prepare girls of any age to have the strength, capacities, knowledge and expertise that enable them to succeed in life. Every girl has a potential that should emerge and schools must be the vital center of community life. Involvement of families and community services can reduce the gap that limit girl’s achievement at schools.

I encourage Plan to continue supporting girls and to give them the chance to go and stay at school in order to receive the benefit and skills for life. Today we have more chance than our parents and our children may have a better future.

I hope Plan continues to assist communities because they are still in need. I invite other NGOs to work like Plan.”

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