Bringing the focus of our programming to the most marginalized girls


Su is Plan International USA's Because I am a Girl Manager

So, we’ve been doing some really exciting work with our country offices to ensure that our work is reaching and impacting the most marginalized girls in the developing countries where we work. We’ve been doing this work in close collaboration with Girl Effect University and the Population Council, who have provided us enormous support and inspiration. We call these workshops Girl Focus, and so far, we’ve completed them in 4 different countries - Sierra Leone, Vietnam, India, and Nepal. I’ll share with you some of the specifics from each country in some of my later posts.

We are building girl champions and hope that they will be so inspired that they will pass it on and build even more! We build girl champions by sharing with them country-specific data showing them the shocking truth about how girls are the most marginalized even in their own backyards, and demonstrating that girls are the world’s greatest source of untapped potential – that she has the power to transform her own life and her community’s, and given the chance, she will.

We also work to build capacity of our country offices and share tools to help them make the most meaningful impact on these most vulnerable and marginalized girls. We work with our country partners to identify the most marginalized populations of girls, map their communities using GPS technology so that they can find them and reach them, directly ask our beneficiaries to identify the assets she needs to reduce her vulnerabilities and to expand her opportunities in her cultural context, and to draw her community to identify spaces where she feels safe and unsafe. All of this information is integrated into the project design and a rigorous monitoring and evaluation framework is created specifically for each project to measure the impact at the level of the individual girl and that of her community. We really want to show the world that investing in girls is not just the right thing to do, but it’s also the smart thing to do!