Because I am a Girl hits Philly airwaves

by Because I am a Girl

As part of our month-long visit to the city of Philadelphia, our Corporate Relations Director Nayna Agrawal had the opportunity to sit down with WBEN talk show host, Marilyn Russell to tell listeners about the Because I am a Girl initiative. Below, Nayna talks about her big debut on the radio waves of Philly. Read on for the inside scoop or click here to hear the interview:

By Nayna Agrawal

Last week, I was interviewed by a radio station (I know... me. What?). The topic was Because I am a Girl, our latest global initiative which seeks to lift 4 million girls out of poverty by 2016. In particular, we were focusing on our current and upcoming efforts to promote it in Philadelphia (By the way, I was super tempted to try a cheese steak… for breakfast… in a dark alley like the one in Adventures in Babysitting that Elisabeth Shue chases Sarah and Thor down).

Okay, I’ll admit, I was nervous, but Meg Cangany, my colleague and the voice of reason, kept me calm by distracting me and stroked my ego by referring to me as “the talent”:

“Would the talent like some coffee? Milk? Two sugars?”

“Black town car for the talent?”

I felt like a celebrity (minus the obligatory oversized sunglasses).

Once we got to the station and inside the sound studio, my nerves quickly turned to excitement. I was somewhat caught off-guard by this “emotional evolution.” I think the radio jockey warmed me up by just chatting with me in a colloquial manner that made me feel as if she were a friend and I was an expert.

I ended up talking about Because I am a Girl from a place I don’t always get to – the heart. I shared my personal connection to the cause – my mom’s struggles growing up in a slum in Rajasthan to stave off marrying young and seeking higher education. From there, we talked about the plight of the girls we seek to help, and how resilient, positive and ambitious I’ve found those who have crossed my path to be.

I’m really looking forward to our “debut”; coming together in Logan Circle with our canvassers, my colleagues and our fans/followers! Come join us on the 21st from 11 to 4 as part of the Ben Franklin Science Festival.


P.S. My colleague, Kristin Barclay, said I was “da bomb”. Took me back to the early 90s. We need to bring that one back.