Bringing Because I am a Girl to Philly


Posted by Allison Costa, Social Media Specialist for Plan and Because I am a Girl

Hey friends, I just got back home from an amazing weekend with the Because I am a Girl team in Philadelphia.

We were invited to the Philadelphia Science Festival as guests of WBEN, the radio station where Nayna was interviewed about Because I am a Girl. We had our own little tent where we set up a table full of Because I am a Girl information and fun takeaways for attendees. We even had a raffle for a pretty sweet pink bike (I’ll admit it; I really wanted to take that bike for a spin. I resisted).

After setting up our table for the day, I decided to walk around to get a feel for the crowd. There were thousands of people milling about; families of every shape and color, students, children, grandparents. I loved being in the middle of all the excitement and I couldn’t wait to start talking to people.

Now, we’ve all heard the statistics about how boys tend be more interested and perform better in math and science in schools. So, I made it a point to visit the ‘Girls in Science’ section of the festival to check in with some of the women there. And let me tell you, every conversation I had was interesting and inspiring.

I met a forensic scientist, an energy and geo-environmental engineer, a zookeeper, a college professor and many, many other incredible women. Each woman spoke with a passion for their craft and tons of pride for being a female in their mostly male dominated industry. They all make it a point to focus some of their time educating and encouraging young girls to become involved in the sciences.

I continued to walk about with some cool Because I am a Girl stuff (lanyards and temporary tattoos and buttons) which gave me the opportunity to speak to probably hundreds of people. People approached me and asked questions about us, they told me they saw our messages on busses around the city, they said they heard about Because I am a Girl on the radio. Folks wanted to know more and it was a great feeling being able to tell them about the 4 Million Girl Promise and all work we are doing for girls around the world.

After the festival, I continued to mill about and was able to meet not one but two of my favorite female bloggers. It was so cool to meet them IRL (you know, “in real life”) and I will admit that I was a little star struck at first because I am a little dorky that way. But once I started chatting with them about Because I am a Girl, they became excited and I felt less awkward about being so giddy about meeting them. These ladies are inspiring girls in their own way on their blogs just like we are doing here. It is so cool to hear about all the new ways girls are reaching out to other girls.

Now that I am back home, the excitement from the weekend hasn’t died down. I’ve been going through all the photos from the event (don’t worry, I’ll have a slideshow for you soon) and I keep thinking about all the women I met. They have inspired me just like the girls in our programs. This weekend has reminded me that girls can do anything....and we will ;o)

Stay tuned for pictures from the event!