Flying our flag at the top of the world!

by Because I am a Girl

Given the same opportunity and support by families, girls can succeed as much as boys, Nishat Majumder, who became the first Bangladeshi woman to conquer the top of Mount Everest, said on Monday.

"When I touched the peak, I couldn't believe I was at the top of Everest. It was my lifetime dream that came true, thanks to my family’s support," said the 31-year-old accountant after she made history on May 19th as first Bangladeshi woman to reach the top of the world’s highest mountain.

“I want to tell every girl: ‘nothing is impossible for them. If they wish, they can achieve anything they like. If a woman like me can climb Everest, any girl can do anything they set their mind to’," Nishat told Plan Nepal staff by telephone as she prepared to return to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

Flying the flag for Plan’s Because I am a Girl campaign, Nishat was joined on the climb by Bangladeshi mountaineer MA Mohit.

Although an experienced mountaineer in her own right, the climb up Everest was Nishat’s biggest challenge to date. Nishat had to train hard for the expedition and so dedicating it to Plan’s campaign seemed like an obvious choice.

“Taking on this challenge as a woman, I realized just how important it is for girls to be empowered. Plan’s Because I am a Girl campaign is all about having a voice and being strong, so I wanted to do this to show girls around the world that nothing is impossible,” said Nishat before the climb. Nishat’s plan to return to Kathmandu on Monday was delayed by poor weather conditions. Nishat and her crew expect to depart Lukla airport, northeast of the capital, for Kathmandu on Tuesday.

Upon the team's return, Plan Nepal will host a reception in the Nepali capital to honor Nishat and her crew’s success and their deep commitment towards gender equality and girl’s rights.