Thank You Seattle


Seattle is home to North America’s largest urban arts festival, Bumbershoot. More than 100,000 people attended this event which featured artists and performers from various areas of the art world. Because I am a Girl was very proud to secure a spot and be a part of this 42-year-old tradition. It allowed us the unique opportunity to speak with so many people that we might not have been able to reach otherwise.

The team loaded up our van and headed to not just one, but two locations to set up our home for the weekend. Our partners at local radio station Star 101.5 really hooked us up. They set up a booth for us right outside their studio where we had a table full of information, cool Because I am a Girl swag and, of course, ways for folks to sign our 4 Million Girl Promise. Curt and Corine of the Curt & Corine Afternoon Show even broadcast live from the booth to help spread the word about Because I am a Girl. Thanks guys

In addition to our busy booth outside the station, the team had a space set up right inside the main festival area in the Seattle Center. We really stood out from the crowd with our bright pink tent, pink t-shirts and the occasional bright pink mini parasol.

Passersby couldn’t help but stop and ask what Because I am a Girl is all about. Thousands of people stopped to ask questions and share experiences with us. We spoke with men and women, young and old, hipsters, punk-rockers and hip-hoppers. It was a melting pot of people interested in supporting the rights of girls worldwide. Over 1,100 people took our 4 Million Girl Promise and more than 2,100 supporters ‘Liked’ Because I am a Girl on Facebook! And that was in just 3 days!

Our fantastic fundraising street team was out in force as well. This enthusiastic group of dedicated face-to-face fundraisers spent the weekend interacting with the public and discussing the challenges that girls face in the developing world. They did a great job of providing valuable information about the mission of both Because I am a Girl and Plan International USA.

Bringing Because I am a Girl out to the public in this way has been a wonderful opportunity. Not only are we able to share our mission, but it allows us to engage with our supporters in unique ways. We greatly appreciate all the conversations had while in Seattle and we hope everyone we met will continue the conversation here as well!