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2014 Curriculum

This year's Leadership Summit will be held at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island.
This year's Leadership Summit will be held at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island.

The Summit is full of workshops and activities that enable young people to learn, lead, and empower themselves and their peers. Check out this year's schedule!

We follow three main tracks:

  1. Build knowledge and understanding of global issues
  2. Develop skills in 21st century leadership and teamwork
  3. Create cross-cultural connections and strengthen community

This year, we'll explore global issues covered by the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), like poverty and gender equality. We will also add some new ones, like climate change, conflict resolution, and water and sanitation. As always, we will invite experts from many fields—lawyers, bloggers, artists, researchers, and politicians—to train our youth advocates in leadership skills and to discuss current events.

Workshop leaders for the 2014 YUGA Leadership Summit include:

  • Franny Choi (Project V.O.I.C.E.). This workshop takes participants on an intimate and hands-on tour of spoken word poetry, leaving them with the tools they need to begin writing and performing their own work. Tackling terrifying questions like "What can I write about?" to "How do I perform well?", this crash course is designed to give participants an opportunity to whet their palates and dip their toes in the pool of Spoken Word Poetry. Armed with only a microphone, award-winning Project V.O.I.C.E. performer Franny Choi is a champion of vulnerability, a cheerleader for the unexpected, and a ruthless flashlight for all your heart's nooks and crannies.
  • Rob Jones (Anti-Defamation League). “Imagine a World Without Hate” explores the nature and impact of prejudice and discrimination, and encourages participants to identify steps to help create a world without hate within one’s own sphere of influence.
  • Nicole Rohr (Coastal Institute at University of Rhode Island). A workshop focused on the topic of climate change, teaching techniques for advocacy in combatting climate change through policy and community organizing.
  • Hansdeep Singh (International Center for Advocates Against Discrimination (ICAAD), Inc.). This workshop will focus on international humanitarian law, and participants will engage in in-depth exploration of current conflicts and possible intervention.

And that’s just the beginning! To learn more about what goes on at the Summit, check out the YUGA blog and the “Top 10 Moments” from last year’s YUGA Summit.