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We wouldn’t be able to make the YUGA Leadership Summit the fun, enriching experience that it is without our expert staff. Check out the backgrounds and bios of our staff!

Note: This list does not include the many international Plan staff and development professionals who join us as chaperones, or the speakers and workshop leaders who teach and talk to our youth participants at the Summit. We convene an entire community in order to deliver an amazing Summit!

Laura Brazee, Youth Engagement Manager

Laura manages the Youth Engagement team at Plan and has been at the YUGA Summit for four years. She recently returned from Johannesburg, South Africa where she worked with human rights defenders all over the world and learned to drive on the other side of the road! Her goal is to train thousands of young people (just like you!) how to be advocates and agents of change that make this world a better place for youth. She’s addicted to seltzer water and hummus.


Dounia Bredes, Youth Outreach Coordinator

Dounia manages the outreach and marketing of the Youth Engagement team at Plan, where she works to turn “slacktivism” into “activism.” She hails from a small town in Vermont, but spent a life-changing semester studying abroad in Dakar, Senegal, and now hopes to put her skills (and her Anthropology degree) to work in helping young people make change for themselves and their communities.


Tracy Allen, Senior Counselor

Tracy, a middle school guidance counselor in Massachusetts, has enjoyed a long relationship with Plan and YUGA. She is an active volunteer in her community and encourages her students, and those around her, to also lend a helping hand to those in need. While her knowledge of all things pop culture is beyond belief, Tracy also enjoys bragging about her nephews and directing middle school musicals. Her true spark comes from working with young global active citizens who like to dance and want to make a difference in the world.

Adewole Akinbi, Counselor

Adewole (or Wole) is a Rhode Island native, born and raised in the city of Providence. He recently graduated from Rhode Island College with a degree in Public & Professional Communication. He loves to play basketball and watch movies in his spare time, and he absolutely loves meeting new people. Wole loves working with youth and can't wait for this year's YUGA Summit!


Wendy Gutierrez, Counselor

Wendy is pursuing a Master’s degree in International Sustainable Development and loves her internship at Plan International USA! She was born and raised in Cuba until she was 10 years old and calls Miami her home state. Therefore, it’s only natural that she loves to dance Salsa and any dish that includes rice and beans! She spent two years as an education Peace Corps volunteer in Benin, West Africa, where she taught and worked to empower young people in her community. She believes that young people are change agents and that only by working together will we be able to fight injustice.


Carlos Deleon, Counselor

Carlos is a Miami, Florida native and is super excited to be a counselor at the YUGA Summit! Carlos majored in Political Science and minored in African Studies at the University of Florida—go Gators! He studied abroad in Tanzania and Trinidad and Tobago during his time in college. While in Trinidad and Tobago, he volunteered at a foster care home with youth affected by HIV/AIDS in north-central Trinidad. After graduating college he joined the Peace Corps as a health advisor in Benin, West Africa and facilitated group presentations to community members on health issues. He believes and advocates for the importance and values of volunteerism and service for the global community. After ending his service, Carlos worked at a non-profit HIV/AIDS prevention agency in Miami Beach, Florida where he counseled people seeking prevention services and specifically sought LGBTQ youth to participate. He loves West African dance and is willing and able to teach you some moves!


Caitlin Indermaur, Counselor

Caitlin is pursuing a self-designed major in Photography, Filmmaking, and Social Change at Clarke University in Massachusetts. She was born and raised in Kansas and moved to Rhode Island in high school (we're not in Kansas anymore Toto!). Caitlin is an avid music lover and sings in two bands. She also runs a photography business, taking pictures of the New England music scene. She's been involved in YUGA for 6 years!