They Say That Love is All You Need.
But What if Love is All You Have?

Disasters, both natural and man-made, adversly affect girls around the world every day. With the help of Plan programs and projects, girls of all ages are able to overcome the hardships they face. Your love and support enables them to strengthen themselves, their families, their commmunities, and the world.

It is common for young Malian girls to work in artisan gold mines in order to support their families. They face risks such as violence and are exposed to toxic mercury. With your support, Plan is focusing on keeping children protected across the Sahel.

After Typhoon Bopha hit the Philippines, Aiza, a pregnant 24-year-old mother of one, lost her husband and much of her close family. She was a part of over 34,000 others that had been displaced from their homes. Fortunately, Aiza was able to find shelter. Thanks to your donations, Plan has been able to provide emergency services to many of those impacted by the typhoon. 

Fatimata had no choice but to flee Mali when the lives of her and her family were in jeopardy. She managed to safely escape the country with her husband and seven children. With the help of Plan's income generating activities, Fatimata created a mat weaving business to support herself and her family. Your continued generosity has enabled Plan to set up 16 income generating activities at the Tabareybarey refugee camp.

Follow your heart and help provide food, water, and shelter for innocent children around the world who are caught in the crossfire of war. Give today.