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Walk4Wells is a dynamic event that puts YOU in shoes of a young boy or girl who has to walk in search of water every day. When you, your family, your friends, and your community join together for a Walk4Wells walk-a-thon, you begin to understand the challenge of finding clean water—and become part of the solution.

Want to walk? Here’s your starting line.

  1. Ready? Read the Walk4Wells Toolkit and get the facts on the water crisis. Then use the activities and ideas in the Toolkit to educate your friends and family.
  2. Get set. Request a Walk4Wells Event Pack, which contains everything you need to host your own event, from posters to profiles of young people in Burkina Faso.
  3. Go! Register your Walk4Wells event on our website, so the world will know about your walk for clean water and for wells. Then lace up your shoes and walk with us!

Why girls? In most families in developing countries, it is a girl’s responsibility to fetch water for her family. The long walk to the well may force her to miss school, and if her school doesn’t have water, she is even less likely to attend class, because she won’t be able to get a drink or wash her hands. But by providing access to water and separate bathrooms for boys and girls, the number of girls who are in school can increase by up to 15%!

How will you help? This year, Walk4Wells takes you to Burkina Faso, a country in West Africa. 1 in 5 Burkinabe people has no access to drinkable water and 4 in 5 have no access to improved sanitation—in short, no access to toilets that work! Burkina Faso also has one of the lowest literacy rates (23%) of any country in the world. That’s why Plan International USA has teamed up with the government of Burkina Faso and several other non-governmental organizations for the Burkinabe Response to Improve Girls’ Chances to Succeed project (BRIGHT). All of the money you raise through your Walk4Wells event will go towards building wells and latrines at schools in Burkina Faso, and helping girls there stay in school.