You Can Protect Girls in Egypt!

In this tumultuous time in Egypt, girls are experiencing skyrocketing numbers of assaults, rapes, and harassments. The country’s new constitution sweeps away women’s rights and opens the way for girls as young as 13 to be legally married. Some traditional leaders have even indicated that marriage at the age of nine is acceptable! Can you imagine your daughter, your sister, your niece married at nine?

You can change the future of a girl in Egypt today. Your gift to help launch the Because I am a Girl project in Egypt has the power to stop injustices and protect girls like Yasmin.

Your gift of:

Your voice and your generosity are what create change around the world.

Thanks to your generosity, eight major Because I am a Girl projects are already underway worldwide, providing over 100,000 girls with hope and promise for better futures. Your support today can get our ninth Because I am a Girl project started and transform even more lives. By giving girls the chance to go to school and protecting them from danger, you’ll deliver the most precious gifts of all to girls in Egypt: protection, hope, and opportunity.

On behalf of the girls, thank you!