Education is the Key to Widen Technological Access Among Women and Girls

Because I am a Girl Ambassador, Nurul,
speaks about the opportunities
technology brings to girls and women.

On April 25th a concerted commitment to empowering girls through technology was signed in Pacific Place’s Blitz Megaplex, Jakarta.

“Plan supports all empowerment initiatives towards women including girls. Plan believes widened access to education and technology for all children can improve the girl’s quality life in the future. Therefore, Plan supports the 'Women, Girls and Technology' program being launched by Intel Corporation Indonesia,” said Peter la Raus, Country Director of Plan Indonesia.

“Women, Girls and Technology” is Intel Corp’s program supported by Plan and Jurnal Perempuan. The program intends to narrow down technology mastery gap between men and women.

The launching session was started with a speech from the Minister for Women Empowerment and Child Protection, Linda Gumelar and followed by a public discussion.  Because I am a Girl Ambassador Nurul, 15, received large attention due to her interesting presentation and real-life examples from village children’s life. In her candid style and Javanese accent Nurul impressed all the guests including the media people.

According to Nurul, technology can bring positive and negative impacts. “Nevertheless, we should think positively because technology will make our life easier,” she said. To widen technological access among women and girls, Nurul added, education is the key. “With education as an asset, people are familiar and able to use technology wisely,” said Nurul at the public discussion together with The Jurnal Perempuan director Mariana and Intel Indonesia’s Corporate Affairs Director, Deva Rachman.

After the public discussion the guests watched an inspirational film entitled Girl Rising. But even before Nurul finished watching the film with the Minister, media people crowded and interviewed her.

“The activity has triggered me to make parents in my village more aware of the positive sides and dangers of technology like internet. So, parents get to understand when their children ask their permission to visit internet cafes, the children may not only do school tasks or ask ‘mbah google’, they may play games and even access [explicit] sites. We can get free from negative and useless things. If permitting their children to go to internet cafes, parents must not be proud of their children playing and browsing at internet cafes…,” said Nurul.