Anti-Slavery Advocate Injured

Urmila has been a Global Because I am a Girl Ambassador for a year now, and has been advocating for girls' rights for more than 5 years. As a girl growing up in Nepal, she was sold into domestic slavery at the age of 6. Urmila became liberated from the Kamalari when she was 17. She then became the first president of the Common Forum for Kamalari Freedom, an organization seeking to rescue and protect Kamalari girls.

In recent news, Urmila was taking part in a three-day sit-in at Ratnapark, Kathmandu. As the public demostration escalated, Urmila suffered head injuries and lost consciousness. Read more about the anti-slavery demonstration.

Now on the road to recovery, hear what Urmila has to say about the demonstration:

The Nepalese government has promised ten points in response to the demonstration for kamalari girls. Read the points.

Other Information

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