Realizing Her Rights: Sumitra Shifts Her Community’s Take on Child Trafficking

Sumitra's Story

Sumitra is an eighth-grader who lives in Banke, Nepal, a village on the border with India.

When Sumitra was very young, she lost both parents to conflict. She still remembers them vividly, though. “When he was still alive, my father used to tell me to be a singer.”

After her parents’ deaths, she moved to live with her uncle’s family. However, the struggling economy drove her uncle to India to look for work. Left without a guardian, Sumitra was a prime target for traffickers.

Thankfully, Sumitra is creating her own destiny. Through her participation in Plan’s Because I am a Girl program, she is changing the way that her community thinks about trafficking. “My confidence has grown so much. I’ve even organized an entire program to teach my school about the dangers of trafficking.”

With your continued support, more girls like Sumitra can be advocates for change instead of victims of child trafficking. Plan continues to strengthen and expand existing community programs that combine education and life skills training to protect Sumitra and other girls from the risks of trafficking.


Did You Know?

  • An estimated 11,000 girls are trafficked every year from Nepal into India and other countries, primarily for prostitution.
  • Lured under false offers of arranged marriages, girls are often willingly sold by their families. In many situations, parents simply do not know that they are giving up their daughters for a life in the sex trade.

You + Plan =

139 life skills education centers for 3,479 girls and boys,
389 parents and community members trained on the risks of trafficking,
100 community protection groups,
student essay contests on preventing trafficking, and
One bright future for Sumitra!

Thank you! Your continuous support is critical. Learn more about Plan’s Because I am a Girl Nepal project.