July: Because I am a Girl Newsletter

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Investing for Change

Imagine that you had never learned how to manage money. You couldn’t save in case of emergencies, invest in your education, or even buy food when the dry season wilts your crops. For many girls in rural Vietnam, this is the case.

Your support is changing these stories; you are writing a different outcome for mothers and their children. Learn more about the Village Savings and Loans Project and how your contributions are helping mothers save money for the first time in their lives to invest in their daughters’ education.


Sylvia's Journey to School

At only 8 years old Sylvia* walks over four miles through rugged terrain and in all kinds of weather to reach her school–alone.

“Even though I don’t enjoy the journey, and sometimes find it very scary, I am willing to do whatever it takes for me to get a good education,” she says.

Read more about Sylvia's walk to school, the challenges she faces along the way, and see it through photographs.


Celebrating Malala Day

Malala Yousafzai celebrated her 16th birthday on July 12th. This year she spent it at the UN Headquarters in New York, advocating for education.

She, along with other youth activists, participated in a UN Youth Takeover. They urged governments and leaders to tackle the issue of millions of girls and boys missing from schools worldwide.

Read Malala's statement at the UN, watch videos, and learn more about the importance of Malala Day.


Girl News

A Journey to School: One Husband's Perspective

Mohammed is an outcast in his community because he wants his wife to go to school. Find out why he believes education should be accessible to everyone.

Check out the updated projects!

Each of the Because I am a Girl projects have been updated. Read the stories of girl ambassadors and learn about the programs that are changing their lives.


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Upcoming Dates

July 30:
International Day of Friendship

August 12:
International Youth Day

*Sylvia's name has been changed to protect her identity.