Celebrating International
Youth Day

(You)th Matter

On this International Youth Day we’d like to highlight youth who are working together, across borders, to fight for girls’ rights! Youth under the age of 30 make up more than 50% of the world’s population and their needs, rights, and voices are at the center of everything we do.

All over the world young people are organizing and coming together to address issues that girls in the developing world face every day. Plan’s youth understand the issues that impact young people, and have innovative solutions for addressing inequality in their communities. Today, and every day, youth are educating their communities, influencing policy makers, and ensuring youth voices are heard on a global scale. We invite you to celebrate this day and join Because I Am A Girl to support youth advocates at Plan.

Hear What They're Saying

As Plan’s youth programs have proven to me, there’s no reason why teenagers cannot, or should not, be a part of our work to create a world where all people live in just and sustainable societies.

—Dounia, Youth Outreach and Marketing Coordinator for Plan International USA from her recent blog post about youth involvement.


Understanding different aspects of global issues will always be important to the work of YUGA, Plan, or any NGO. But, only when our work on these issues is driven by global citizenship will we truly be advancing the lives of those we want to help.

—Brenna, youth ambassador and YUGA Leadership Summit participant.