Back to School

Eight year-old Sylvia* attends school in a remote area of Tanzania. She must walk four-and-a-half miles to get there – a journey she often makes by herself. With just one school uniform, she must be careful not to get dirty or she will be sent home. Her flip-flops provide little protection against the rough terrain. There are many hidden dangers as well. Kidnappings and sexual assaults are common in the area and her walk to school will become much more dangerous as she gets older.

You can eliminate obstacles that prevent children in Africa from going to school:

Children like Sylvia deserve the chance to learn. They want to go to school. They need your help.

Thank you for improving their journey to school.

Watch our slideshow to follow Sylvia’s journey and see what an 8-year-old girl must go through just to attend school...

*Editor's Note: Sylvia's name has been changed to protect her identity.