Meet Our Ambassadors: Tulsi

by Because I am a Girl

The second International Day of the Girl will be celebrated in just a few days! Our Because I am a Girl ambassadors have arrived in New York City to celebrate this special occasion. Here is Tulsi's story:

Tulsi is a dedicated 16 year old student from Banke, Nepal who understands the value of an education. Though her family is poor, Tulsi attends a government school and is currently the top student in her 12th grade class.

Struggling with school fees, Tulsi got a job working in the dormitory at her school as a tutor and coach. She quickly became a well-respected and supportive ‘Didi’ (elder sister) for the pupils living in the dorm. It was during that time Tulsi honed her natural leadership abilities and began participating in training programs for adolescent girls.

Tulsi learned about child rights and issues that concerned her fellow students. With this knowledge, she joined a club for adolescent girls and made it her mission to teach others about sexual abuse, gender discrimination, and HIV/AIDS. Tulsi is now the chairperson of a network of girls’ clubs as well as the chairperson of the Unity Adolescent Girls Club of her village.

Recently Tulsi participated in a nine month adolescent skills development program. Using what they learned, participants created a club to discuss and to apply their new skills to everyday life. The club meets monthly and hosts street dramas on the topics of child marriage, child trafficking, gender discrimination, and HIV/AIDS. Tulsi says that teaching different populations through different mediums is very important.

“The things I’ve learned can be shared with adolescent girls through discussion at meetings or orientation programs, whereas I can educate children through games and dramas,” Tulsi states. “Similarly, I can present information to the parents by attending meetings of mothers' groups and parent organizations.”

Tulsi’s parents are excited to see their daughter in a leadership role not only in their village but throughout their district and beyond. Tulsi has held various important positions in organizations at the local, district and national level. She is also a part of several committees including the Child Protection Committee and the AIDS Coordination Committee.

Tulsi is also developing a district level action plan to combat human trafficking in Banke. She conducts orientation programs on anti-trafficking for the children and women in several nearby municipalities. She has been involved in developing a 6 month action plan of national level “Samagra Adolescent Girls Network, Nepal.” Tulsi is working hard to enrich her community and country, ensuring that girls around the world can have access to an education.

We're looking forward to having Tulsi share her experiences with us when she arrives in New York City to celebrate the International Day of the Girl!