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Sponsor a Child Today

A child like Lia is praying for someone like you.
A child like Lia is praying for someone like you.

When you sign up to become a child sponsor, you sign up to help save the life of a child in need, a child who is hoping you can be the answer to his or her prayers.

Your contributions to Plan will not be hand-outs for the child you choose to sponsor. Instead, you will provide new opportunities for improved nutrition, health, and education, giving those in need a hand up and out of poverty. But the reason Plan makes a lasting difference is that we go beyond the child. Brothers and sisters are also aided. Parents may be taught new skills – from childcare to job training – essential to providing for their families. Entire communities benefit as newly empowered families build homes, schools, and businesses.

Thanks to caring people just like you, millions of children around the world are alive today, getting the chance to build better lives for themselves.

A child needs you. Sponsor a child today.

If you would like more information before you commit, request a prospect kit.