Max's Story

Growing up in Chalatenango, El Salvador, 13-year-old Max saw firsthand a part of the world where girls are regularly victims of harassment, sexual assault, and even gang violence.

Even though violence is often seen as normal in communities like Max’s, Max was able to learn a different way of viewing women and girls after participating in Plan’s anti-gender violence project.

Men and boys just like Max play an important role in ensuring that girls can live up to their full potential. Because of your support of Because I am a Girl and Plan programs, boys and girls have the opportunity to work together to eliminate gender discrimination.

“The first thing that boys have to do is understand internally that girls do not have less value,” said Max. “Then we should get together with girls who have been trained on the same topics and understand each other and share experiences, listening to the girls express what they feel when they are discriminated against. Then we have to join together and teach other people.”

You + Plan =

  • 1,360 girls educated at the School for the Prevention of Gender Violence;
  • 132 boys educated on gender and masculinity;
  • Five safe spaces created for protection and healing from violence; and

One bright future for Max!

Thank you! Your continued support is critical. Learn more about Plan's Because I am a Girl El Salvador project.