Shewaye's Story

Shewaye is a mother of two who lives in Akaki Kality, a slum on the outskirts of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. There are thousands of people where she lives, but very few ways to make money, and many are homeless.

When her husband died, Shewaye struggled to find a way to ensure her children were fed, clothed, and had access to an education.

“Taking care of my children is more important than anything else in the world,” she said, referring particularly to her daughter, Mebrate, who is an adolescent at a critical point in life.

Thanks to donors like you, Mebrate was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship for school, but ideally, Shewaye would like to be able to provide for her children directly. That’s why Because I am a Girl provides scholarships, business training, and microfinance opportunities for parents through savings groups.

With the help of the savings group, Shewaye was able to take out a loan of 500 Birr (about $25) to rent space to sell coffee and food. She is now the cashier of her group, and is looking to further expand business opportunities with other members.

“Because of the savings group, I can care for my children and be here with them,” says Shewaye. “I hope your support will continue to reach others like it has reached me.”

You + Plan =

  • 120 parents selected for Savings and Loan Groups to invest in education;
  • 300 boys and girls trained in public speaking, reproductive health and leadership;
  • 334 primary school teachers trained in gender; 
  • 480 girls tutored in math and English; 
  • One school outfitted with laboratory equipment; and

One bright future for Shewaye and Mebrate!

Thank you! Your continued support is critical. Learn more about Plan's Because I am a Girl Ethiopia project.