Invest in Girls Like Farwa

Plan International USA is asking governments to invest in education to support girls like Farwa

Farwa was able to stay
in school and receive
an education.

Because of girls like Farwa, Plan International USA is asking that governments invest in girls’ education.

After completing eighth grade, Farwa’s parents, who couldn’t afford to send her to school anymore, said she would have to forgo her education to get married. It was devastating news for Farawa, who loved learning.

Luckily, one of Farwa’s aunts intervened and offered financial support. Her aunt managed to convince her parents that she should continue with her education.

While Farwa managed to escape the fate of child marriage, there are many girls in her community who have not been so lucky.

“Saima was only 15 when she was forced to get married,” said Farwa. “Saima’s in-laws promised she could continue with her education, but when she expressed a desire to return to school some months later, her mother-in-law refused her request and beat her and tortured her.”

Farwa said child marriage is often caused by poverty and a lack of economic opportunities, making dowries appear attractive to cash-strapped parents. It is these sad stories that have encouraged her to speak about this violation of human rights.

Without an education, Farwa would likely be in Saima’s shoes; however, she is now an active member of her community’s Children Forum Meetings. She is also a member of her community’s local youth group, through which she works to raise awareness on the importance of girls’ education. She has also taken part in the Plan-supported campaign “Education For All” and is encouraging girls to attend the Plan-supported Fast Track Education Centers, which provide safe learning facilities within the community. She most recently spoke about the issue of child marriage at the “Too Young to Wed” event at the United Nations General Assembly.