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In the Footsteps of Wangari Maathai

by Adam Vink

I’m in Nairobi this week witnessing the astonishing work of 16 young female advocates, as they bring their voices and those of girls across the country to some of the most powerful and influential people in Kenya.

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It's Time to Up Our Commitment to Young People

by Jo Dempster

On International Youth Day, it is time to reflect on our commitment to youth


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This Emergency Response is an Exercise in Keeping your Head Together

by Blaire Davis

Blaire Davis, from Rochester, NY, is currently working on Plan International’s emergency response to the floods in Myanmar. With August being the heart of the rainy season and with roads washed out and connectivity low, the situation is a challenge, but it’s one Blaire is taking on.

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Rising to the Challenge of Local Ownership: Are We Adapting Fast Enough?

by Justin Fugle

When it comes to local ownership and local solutions, we are well past the point of asking whether we can or should do this.

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Eager to Learn in Niger

by Dr. Pamela Young

In Niger, children and teachers are taking control of learning with the help of a Plan International USA program.

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Rebuilding Nepal Starts with Children and Communities

by Nigel Chapman

Plan International CEO Nigel Chapman recently visited Nepal, emphasizing that we must pay most attention to children and families.

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Country Ownership Metrics: An Underdeveloped Field in Development

by Tessie San Martin

The following is a guest post from former MFAN Country Ownership Working Group Co-Chairs Rodney Bent and Tessie San Martin, Plan International USA CEO

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Encouraging Youth Engagement

by Elizabeth .

Youth Advisory Board Member Elizabeth discusses the importance of encouraging youth.

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Empowering Youth Through YUGA

by Nadyah .

Youth United for Global Action and Awareness (YUGA) member Nadyah discusses YUGA’s influence on her life and the life of youth.

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For Youth, Now is the Time

by Marisa Haire

Plan International USA Youth Board Member Marisa has a problem with the phrase “Youth are the future.”

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Sustainable Development Goals: Addressing the Role of Young People

by Sara .

The first of a two-part blog from Sara, who is currently at the United Nations headquarters in New York, consulting on youth participation and governance sections within the Sustainable Development Goals.

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VIDEO BLOG: Why Menstruation Matters

by Diana Sierra

Diana Sierra, the co-founder and CEO of Be Girl, discusses the importance of addressing menstruation in this enlightening video blog.

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