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IATI at Plan: One Year Later

by Tessie San Martin

In light of this year’s launch of the Aid Transparency Index, I wanted to reflect on Plan’s journey into this realm, which has not been without its challenges.

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Moving U.S.-Africa Relationships Forward

by Ann Hudock

In 1990, I boarded a plane for Sierra Leone as a wide-eyed college graduate ready to change the world. I had never been to Africa, did not know much about Sierra Leone, and not being a detail person, had never even looked for or located the country on a map.

I didn’t change the world or even Sierra Leone that year, but the experience certainly changed me. And in that sense, I discovered what is best about good development practice: locally-led solutions to complex development problems.


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Connecting Efforts to Protect Children and Empower Women Economically

by Ann Hudock

We walked to the Tuesday market in Lusaka, Zambia and I stopped to buy some avocados. The woman who sold them had a horribly disfigured face that made it hard for her to speak. When she handed me my change she struggled to grip the money with her twisted and lame arm.

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