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Sexual Health, Including HIV

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Breaking Down the Stigma: Distributing Menstrual Pads in Uganda

by Lauren Yamagata

Plan is working to support Chegen II village’s efforts to improve community sanitation and hygiene access and practices. As part of this project, Plan is partnering with AfriPads, a local Ugandan company that has developed a reusable sanitary pad. The project prepares dealers to sell pads to the community by training them in financial management, product marketing, and other entrepreneurship skills.

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Helping Children's Futures Bloom

by Israel Abebe

Life for many children around the world, especially girls, leaves a lot to be desired. You have probably already heard the obstacles. If they are registered for school, they are pulled out at an early age so they can help support their families by working in the field or caring for their siblings.

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Be Bold: Invest in Adolescent Girls to End Inter-Generational Poverty

by Judithe Registre

As we near the year 2015 and review our progress toward the Millennium Development Goals, we can see that, despite sweeping progress in certain areas such as primary education and public health, one significant gap remains: Broad inequalities persist between the rich and poor, and most notably between the richest males and the poorest females. The disparity is staggering.


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Don't Subject Your Girls to the Knife

by Plan International USA
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Grains of Sand in Rajasthan

by Tessie San Martin
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