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Owning the Problem and the Solution: Social Protection Groups in Bangladesh

by Tessie San Martin

Child marriage and domestic violence robs girls of their futures, and by doing so saps the country's energy and potential. Plan International USA's Protecting Human Rights (PHR) project is working to fight against these issues

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A Dangerous Clause to Legally Decrease Child Marriage in Bangladesh

by Nandini Shahla Chowdhury

In Bangladesh, a draft of the Child Marriage Restraint Act has been sent to the Cabinet stating the minimum age of marriage will remain at 18 — but it will come with a clause.


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Why Are Children in Africa Still Left Uncounted?

by Roland Angerer

For a variety of reasons, the births of 85 million African children have not been registered because the civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) systems – the systems that governments use to register and record data on key life events like births, marriages, and deaths – are running on outdated, inefficient models.

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A Different Type of Trek

by Tessie San Martin

Plan International USA designed the Fighting against Child Trafficking (FACT) project - a three-year initiative aiming to reach 15,000 girls under 18 in 48 villages located in three border districts with India. Nepal and India have an open border, and as in most border regions, this area is a frenzy of economic and commercial activity, with endless lines of vehicles, from rickshaws to huge lorries, moving back and forth across countries.

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Fear and Desperation in Sierra Leone

by Kamanda K.

Kamanda is a youth advocate for Plan International, and lives in Port Loko on the north of Sierra Leone. In this blog, he describes what happened before and after the 3-day national lockdown which began on the 19th of September.

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We Must Listen To Girls Who Speak Up Against Discrimination and Sexual Violence

by Nigel Chapman

New research from Plan International shows the shocking truth about adolescent girls in developing countries. In one of the largest studies ever undertaken of its kind, we talked to 7,000 adolescent girls and boys in 11 countries about girls’ opportunities. The findings are overwhelming. These girls are some of the most disadvantaged people on earth.

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Turning Paper to Action: Ending FGM and Child Marriage

by Carol Sherman

Around the world, girls and women are forced to live with the consequences of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and early marriage.

Although Kenya has made strides in outlawing FGM and child marriage, as well as protecting children’s rights, such practices are still rampant.

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Development Goals Face Challenges if we Don‘t Start Counting Every Child

by Nicoleta Panta

Imagine a typical family photo. You've got mom and dad there, looking happy and proud. You have the kids with their beaming smiles, all cheerful and mischievous. It's a happy moment, captured in time, everyone in their rightful place, and everyone accounted for.

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Children's Safety is Key to Attaining Quality Education

by Alice Iribagiza

Enjoying the roar of the car engine and a free massage courtesy of the bumpy road, I gave up trying to compose a text message on my cell phone and decided to delight in the beautiful view of mushrooms growing down in the valley.

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Modern Mobility: The Role of ICTs in Child and Youth Migration

by Linda Raftree

Migration has been a part of the human experience since the dawn of time, and populations have always moved in search of resources and better conditions. Today, unaccompanied children and youth are an integral part of national and global migration patterns, often leaving their place of origin due to violence, conflict, abuse, or other rights violations, or simply to seek better opportunities for themselves.

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Flood Victims Offer Their Girls as Young Brides

by Ronald Berehoudougou
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Too Young to Be a Bride

by Plan International USA
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