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Q&A: Challenges of Containing Ebola's Spread in West Africa

Why I'm Celebrating India Today

W Africa Scrambles to Prevent Ebola Spread

Ebola Outbreak in Guinea May Spread to Liberia

One Plan, One Goal: CEO Nigel Chapman Charts New Course for Plan

Every Day is Malala Day

Uganda's Truant Teachers Targeted by Pupil Text-messaging Scheme

What Next for South Sudan?

Even After Ceasefire, Challenges Remain for NGOs in South Sudan

How Can Companies Engage with Children and Young People?

Educate Girls: Transform the Community

Every Day Should Be a Day of the Girl

Global Youth Leaders + Activists Gather to Develop A "Plan"

Empowering Girls Through Technology: What's the Role for Business?

Educating Young Girls of the World

Life in a Cracked House in Haiti

Superstar of Sierra Leone

What's Your Role in Information and Communication Technologies for Development?

Celebration and Springboard

Kate Nash on Girl Power and Her Trip to Ghana

Kate Nash In Ghana: Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves

Kate Nash on Her New Album 'Girl Talk' and Why She's Proud To Be A Feminist

Freida Pinto Throws Pre-Oscar Party

Freida Pinto to Host a Pre-Oscars Party with 'Vanity Fair' for Charity

New Film Shows Girls Rising from Plight to Power

Girl Rising: From Demure to Defiant

In USAID Procurement, a Game of Stop-and-Go

Slumdog Star Pinto in Anti-Poverty Role

Freida Pinto Stands Up for Women Empowerment in Developing Countries

Freida Pinto is the New 'Because I am a Girl' Ambassador

Activists Target Bangladesh Child Marriages

Plan Celebrates 75 Years with Global Bash

Inclusion, Openness, Authenticity: Key Development Themes for Any Year

Corporate Social Responsibility: What You Need to Know

On International Day for Disaster Reduction, A Focus on Youth's Role in Disaster Prevention, Management

Participatory Mapping Event Recap

Homicide Among India's Girls