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Plan sponsor climbs Everest to support girls' campaign

Lynette meeting children in a Plan-supported community in Nepal.
Lynette meeting children in a Plan-supported community in Nepal.
April 12, 2010

Plan sponsor Lynette Trott from Adelaide, Australia is about to climb Mount Everest to raise awareness of Plan’s Because I am a Girl campaign to improve girls’ lives.

The 41-year-old accountant, who sponsors 2 children through Plan, will hoist a Plan campaign flag on the top of the world’s highest mountain to spread the message of equal rights for girls.

“I was lucky enough to be born in Australia to wonderful parents and this allowed me to follow my dream to climb Mount Everest,” says Lynette.

“For some girls their ‘Everest’ is to get a clean safe drink of water, to get an education. This shouldn’t be down to luck of birth. Every girl should have the opportunities I have had. It is my hope that my climb can raise awareness of the Because I am a Girl campaign.”

Community visit

As part of her journey, Lynette visited a Plan-supported community in Nepal and has been helping Plan Nepal to generate publicity about Because I am a Girl.

Read Lynette's blog about her visit to the Nepali community.

Lynette's climb

Lynette’s attempt on the world’s highest mountain is all the more impressive when you learn that 7 years ago she had never even rock climbed. She decided to email a climbing expert with the question: 'What would it take for a lady in her 30s, who lives at sea level and has never even rock climbed before, to climb Everest?'

Lynette was expecting to be quickly dismissed. Instead, the expert simply gave her a list of things she would need to do to achieve her goal. 7 years later, there’s only one thing left on her list.

Base camp

Lynette is now on her way to the base of Mount Everest. She hopes to make her ascent in the third week of May. Find out more and follow Lynette’s blog at

Watch an ABC TV story on Lynette.

Join Plan’s Because I am a Girl campaign.