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Plan Thailand wins top Prudential award

Prudential staff taking part in a community project.Photo courtesy of Plan staff.
Prudential staff taking part in a community project.

Photo courtesy of Plan staff.
May 10, 2010

Plan Thailand has won the first prize in Prudential's 2009 Chairman’s Award program.

It is the third time in 5 years Plan has won the flagship global volunteering initiative’s award, which supports community projects in all the countries where Prudential operates.

Launched in 2006 as a part of Prudential's corporate social responsibility program, the award connects company volunteers with a wide range of charitable projects across the globe. Prudential employees volunteer within their own country, choosing which project they want to support.

Worldwide, Prudential staff then go on to vote for which of these projects should win the award, based on how great an impact they felt the project had on the community.

In total, 368 Prudential volunteers have been involved in Plan Thailand’s Children’s Environmental Development Project in Chiang Rai. The ongoing project aims to encourage the community to improve and care for its environment, support their children, and highlight the importance of good sanitation.

Activities have included rehabilitating 2 child care centers, training in child-friendly learning methods, supporting the growing of vegetable plots at the school, and conducting forestry conservation workshops.

Ms. Panadda Samsithong, the Prudential Chairman’s Award Coordinator in Thailand said: "I felt proud because it gave me the opportunity to encourage people to think about themselves and how they can help themselves. We did not go and tell people to do things or to promise them what we would give. Rather, we would help them to think about the way they could stand on their own feet."

Mr. Poosit Saelee, the village headman, said: "On behalf of the people in Tarntong, I would like to say thank you to Plan and Prudential company for working and supporting us. We feel proud of this joint project where our people also contribute. We feel good to see our young children attending a village child care center.

"In the past, many parents were afraid of sending their children because of the limited space and it looked unsecured. Now, there is more demand from parents to have their children placed in the child care center and the primary school."