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Education for child street workers in Ecuador

July 7, 2010


Children from migrant indigenous families in Quito, Ecuador, who would normally spend their days working on the streets, are now receiving an education thanks to Plan.

Thousands of indigenous families migrate to the city each year, but when they arrive, they often experience discrimination against their language and culture - limiting their access to jobs and education. Many of them are forced to become street vendors, including about 2,200 children each year.

Watch the video to see how the Plan-supported Inter-Cultural Bi-Lingual Emperimental Center is helping children whose families work in San Roque Market in Quito. Many of them would probably never have the chance to attend a regular school. The center provides lessons across 7 levels in both Spanish and the Kichwa language.

Marcia, a third grade student, believes the center is vital: "I would like children not to work. I want them to study because the most important thing is to study, to learn how to read - as I am doing."

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