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Video: Ending violence against children via SMS

December 2, 2010

See how Plan is using SMS technology and digital mapping to track and respond to violence against children cases in Benin, West Africa.


In February 2010, Plan began integrating FrontlineSMS, software for SMS reporting, and Ushahidi, a digital mapping platform, to report, track, and respond to cases of violence against children in Benin.

The project enables anyone witnessing or experiencing violence to send a text message via mobile phone. The incidents are then registered, archived by time and location, and sent to local authorities to respond and ensure the child’s safety.

Local youth groups play an important role in the program, working with Plan to raise awareness and educate community members about the importance of reporting violence.

By encouraging children and youth to speak out about what they have seen and experienced, Plan and partners are gaining a better understanding of the nature and quantity of violence that is happening, and how to prevent and respond to it.

Learn more about how Plan is using SMS reporting to stop violence against children in Benin.


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