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Slideshow: Haiti through teenagers' eyes

December 17, 2010


Watch this slideshow of unique and touching images produced by Haitian youths as part of a Plan-supported photography project.

Most images of Haiti since the earthquake have been taken by adult, international photographers and focused on destruction and violence. The ‘Through Our Own Eyes’ project has enabled youths to show people the real Haiti from their perspective.

Plan commissioned photojournalist Natasha Fillion to train 22 teenagers from Jacmel and Croix-des-Bouquets in photo skills so they could document their lives at home, school and in their neighborhoods over a 2 week period.

Natasha said: “They took the project very seriously and exceeded my expectations. With only 2 days training, the photos they took were inspiring and beautiful. You get to see so many different sides of Haiti. Beautiful things, ugly things, family, people laughing, crying, it’s a really touching story.”

“They were really excited that someone wanted to see their point of view of their own country. Not many people ask Haitians what they want or what they see.”

‘Through Our Own Eyes’ is part of Plan’s global child media work, which helps children and youths to speak out and promote their rights.

Learn more about Plan’s child and youth media projects.


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