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Community involvement in disaster risk reduction

Planís Country Director in the Philippines, Michael Diamond.
Planís Country Director in the Philippines, Michael Diamond.
January 14, 2011

At an event held in Cebu city, the Philippines, Plan spoke about the need to focus on children and community involvement in disaster risk reduction and climate change reduction.

Addressing the assembled crowd of local mayors and representatives from the UN agency for Disaster Reduction UNISDR, Plan’s Country Director in the Philippines, Michael Diamond said: "There is so much more we can do to reduce disaster risks at local levels, from the participation of everyone in risk assessments and planning to tree planting and implementing early warning and emergency preparedness systems."

At the event several mayors spoke about their commitment to protecting their communities from disaster and why they were now signing the UNISDR pledge to join the “Making Cities Resilient” campaign.

“The world has begun taking notice of the important role of provinces and states in fighting global warming,” said Gwen Garcia, Governor of Cebu Province in the Philippines. “I am committed to addressing the devastating effect of climate change on our environment and our economy. This is done by creating a healthier environment and building green economies, and also by helping to create resilient cities and municipalities that make Cebu sustainable and vibrant,” she added.

UNISDR launched the worldwide campaign last May, enlisting local government leaders and citizens to sign-up to the ten essential actions to reduce disaster risks. The actions include investing more in disaster risk reduction, preparing and sharing risk assessments, ensuring early warning systems are in place, and protecting ecosystems to reduce floods, cyclones and storm surge impacts.

Plan has been working on disaster reduction and climate change adaptation with local governments and communities throughout the Philippines.

Praising the initiative, Plan’s Michael Diamond stated: “Investing in risk reduction is not just an investment to serve your constituents, but also a way of guaranteeing a better future for the next generation to come”.

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