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Information technology training for children in Guinea

Girls learning computer skills during information technology training.
Girls learning computer skills during information technology training.
December 14, 2010

Plan is providing children in Guinea with valuable skills for the future by teaching them  how to use the computer and the internet. The training gives children access to new information technologies and the ability to communicate with others via the internet.

The workshop is part of a Violence Against Children (VAC) campaign organized by Plan Guinea and Plan's West Africa Regional Office (WARO). The training helps children boost their future opportunities by teaching computer and other technical skills. The workshop expands their horizons by facilitating new networks among peers in different countries through email and web exchanges.

“I am very grateful to Plan for giving me this possibility to connect with my peers around the world. This is such a great opportunity for us, children, to develop skills for the future,” said Thomas Millimouno, a member of the listening club in Guekedou.


Exploring the world of computers

Twenty-six children from Plan’s areas of operation in Guinea came together for the five-day workshop. Participants developed an understanding of the different types of computers and working programs, and learned the history and evolution of new information technologies (navigation, messaging and searching). At the conclusion of the workshop, each participant set up their own e-mail account and blog, and exchanged instant messages or emails with their peers. This opportunity has been a unique experience for some of the children.

“Before, I didn’t know about computers or the internet, now thanks to Plan, I am dreaming of launching web pages and chatting with my friends around the world," said Moussa, one of the participants.

To help the students retain their knowledge and enthusiasm gained at the workshop, Plan will facilitate access to computers and the internet and set up computer clubs. By regularly accessing technology, the comfort level of the students will keep growing, one day perhaps allowing them to access new livelihoods and jobs. Plan will continue to offer the workshop to new students several times a year.

Find out more about Plan's work in Guinea.


 tshepong foundation January 31, 2012 3:34 AM
hi my name is tshepo the project manager for tshepong foundation. we are currently building the concept to teach children from basic education to know infornation technology. but we dont have resourses to do so please help us. we are from south africa at gauteng in germiston our adress is 610 mavimbela section katlehong 1431 kwenzekile
 U are awesome March 6, 2012 1:50 PM