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Pregnant Women's Groups save babies in Nepal

June 21, 2011

See how Plan is helping to cut death rates for newborn babies by 50% in some districts of Nepal.


In Nepal, 2 out of 3 of deaths in children under the age of five occur during the newborn period. In 2001, Plan started setting up "Pregnant Women's Groups" with the aim of reducing this high number of neonatal deaths. Today there are more than 500 groups across the country producing dramatic results. In one district alone, an evaluation of the groups revealed a 50% cut in newborn deaths.

One 17-year-old group member said: "I've learned lots of things from these meetings, like I should take iron tablets, I must have warm and soft clothes ready for the baby, and when it's born to hold it close to me and to keep it warm. I wouldn't know anything if it wasn't for the Pregnant Women's Group."

Watch the video to learn more about Plan's Pregnant Women's Groups in Nepal.

Learn more about Plan's work in Nepal.


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