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Child trafficking

Photo by Sakina Sakerwalla
Over 1 million children worldwide are trafficked every year.

The trafficking of children is one of the most severe violations of human rights in the world today, involving over a million children worldwide.

What is child trafficking?

Global estimates

Causes of child trafficking

What are governments doing to stop child trafficking?

What is Plan doing?

What can you do?

Facing child trafficking around the world

Thousands attend anti-trafficking concerts in Togo

Togo: Anti-trafficking one-minute videos send powerful message

Togo Child Trafficking (BBC Radio Broadcast): Listen to children from West Africa talk about their experiences being trafficked. Learn which children are at risk, how children are lured, and the types of communities they come from. You'll also learn what is being done to protect children who are vulnerable to trafficking, as well as how children who have been trafficked are recovering.

Better Life Option Program: Fighting child trafficking in Nepal

Visit our film library and borrow a film to watch and share with friends and classmates.

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