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In pictures: Protecting the Philippines' Mangyan tribes

August 9, 2011

As the UN marks International Day of the World's Indigenous People, the Mangyan people in the Philippines prepare for another restless night of fear and uncertainty.

Living in the dense, dark forests of Mindoro Island, which are believed to be rich in gold, gas and minerals, the Mangyan tribes are under threat from commercial exploitation.

“We are petrified that big mining companies will take over our ancestral land. If the government gives them license to operate, our land and heritage will be lost forever,” says Juanito Lumawig, the 62 year-old supreme leader of the Mangyan tribes.

Plan in action

View the slideshow to learn more about the challenges faced by the Mangyan and see how Plan is assisting them to gain the title of their ancestral land. Community projects to support livelihoods and protect the Mangyan’s unique cultural identity are also underway.

Read more about the Mangyan's struggle to save their land.

Learn how honey processing is helping to improve livelihoods among the Mangyans.

Learn more about Plan’s work in the Philippines.


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