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One You, One World

With the advent of globalization and advances in media, today’s youth are exposed to more global situations than previous generations.

Sometimes youth aren't given enough of an opportunity to understand what's happening in the world. Often students have been taught to think of the world and ‘here’ and ‘there’, rather than as one planet that we all share.

Plan International USA has teamed up with Weekly Reader to create the One You, One World series to encourage students to think about their place in the Global Community. One You, One World covers issues such as child rights, poverty, child exploitation and HIV/AIDS.

Downloadable materials

One You, One World: Be a Part of the Solution. Take Action Against HIV/AIDS! {.zip, 6m}
This program is intended to introduce your students to World AIDS Day, and — through personal stories, statistics, and pictures — to give them a greater understanding of HIV/AIDS worldwide and the efforts that are being made to stop the disease.

One You, One World: Be a Part of the Global Community {zip, 2m}
One You, One World: Be a Part of the Global Community! is a program that encourages students in grades 5-8 to think about their place in the global community by introducing students to the concept of child rights and the Global Movement for Children (a worldwide effort to imporve the lives of children everywhere).

To request hard copies of the above materials, please contact