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Flooding in China: Family survival kits distributed

Children opening Plan survival kits in Shaanxi province.
Children opening Plan survival kits in Shaanxi province.
September 30, 2011

Plan has distributed 1,300 survival kits to families in flood-ravaged Shaanxi, a main province in China’s middle and south-western region which has been hit by devastating rainstorms and landslides.

The heaviest rainstorms to hit the region in 50 years started on September 4th, and have since have left 28 people dead, 25 others missing and more than 900,000 affected. Among the affected are 3,920 sponsored children.

Over 30,000 houses have collapsed and 70,000 were damaged in the floods. More than 1,200 schools have also been damaged or destroyed. Floodwaters have also wiped out 10,520 hectares of crops and affected another 111,110 hectares in the province, including in Plan’s work areas.


Targeted support

In response to the situation, Plan has distributed survival kits to children and families in the two severely hit counties of Zhouzhi and Huxian in the Shaanxi province – where Plan has worked for more than a decade. Currently, there are over 37,000 people who are living in temporary shelters or staying with relatives after having been forced from their homes.

Each survival kit contains clothing, underwear, shoes and toiletries, as well as a whistle, flashlight, raincoat and towels. Special girls hygiene kits were delivered to meet the needs of girls and young women.

“Although our school was damaged and our houses are still full of water and quite wet inside, under the help from Plan China and the government, we are surely confident on rebuilding our home,” said Chen, a 12-year-old primary school pupil.

Plan is continuing to gather information about the affected areas and plans further relief work.

Learn more about Plan’s work in China.


 Family Survival Solutions October 3, 2011 12:51 PM
Great aid to human survival Plan! There's so many more out there that need it. We too, have survival kits for purchase at our website.