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Supporting vulnerable and returnee families in South Sudan

Regena and her crops in Dolo Payam, Juba County.
Regena and her crops in Dolo Payam, Juba County.
October 14, 2011

"When I lived in Khartoum I was working in other people's land - weeding or harvesting crops. Now I am happy to be back farming my own land." – Regena, farmer in Dolo Payam, Juba County, South Sudan.

In Juba County, Plan is distributing tools and seeds to 2,440 families, mainly those who are returnees. The main purpose was to diversify the types of crops being planted, provide farmers with access to better quality seeds and to support them in cultivating their land in order to improve their food security needs.

The distribution of tools and seeds by Plan is helping the community members to resume agricultural activities, become self-sufficient by growing their own food, and acts as an income generating activity. The seeds and tools distribution was also complemented by distribution at schools for school gardens and agricultural training for farmers on improved farming practices to enable them improve productivity and production of their own crops.


Seed and tools

In Dolo Payam, 45 year-old Regena and her husband represented one of the 360 households supported by Plan. Like their neighbors they received a supply of seeds such as groundnuts, cowpeas, sesame, maize, beans, and sorghum as well as farming implements including hoes, sickle and machetes.

"I planted all the seeds and they are now growing well," says Regena. "I am very happy to be given these supplies. It has supported me to diversify and expand my areas of cultivation, and pushed our farms success forward."

Regena takes care of the family farm and her husband takes part in a community-managed garden with other local villagers. All of her five adult children have all moved to the city for school or work so she is the main person responsible for taking care of the crops of groundnuts, okra, cowpeas, maize, sesame and sorghum. Prior to the seeds distribution many of the community members where using poor quality seeds or had limited supplies of seeds which was limiting the success of their harvests.

"I didn't have enough of my own seeds to plant," explains Regena. "Receiving these seeds from Plan has enabled me to cultivate more land than last year."


Returning to the family farm

Like many families in the area Regena's returned to the community four years ago after living for many years in Khartoum to restart their lives. "It was time to come home," she states. "I wanted to produce something from my own work. I don't want to have to go and beg for help from someone else. I want to feed myself and that is why I am happy to be back on my land."

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