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Aid reaches flood-hit families across Asia

Families being evacuated to a rescue center in Ayutthaya Province, Thailand.
Families being evacuated to a rescue center in Ayutthaya Province, Thailand.
October 17, 2011

Plan emergency response teams are on the ground providing vital supplies to thousands of children and their families caught up in floods across several Asian countries – including Thailand, Pakistan and Cambodia.

Thailand emergency

In Thailand, Plan is delivering aid to 5,000 children and their families sheltering in evacuation centers in Ayutthaya province – one of the areas worst hit by floods, which have affected more than 2.4 million people across the country. Plan is distributing diapers, baby food, children’s clothes, life jackets, medical supplies, recreational kits such as toys and books, and toiletries for children and mothers, as well as boats for their communities.

"The scale of the disaster is such that it will take several months to bring back some degree of normality in the lives of the affected people. We will work quickly to ensure children have food, clothes and their families are looked after in the wake of the floods," said Plan Thailand Acting Country Director, Sunan Samrianrum.

Pakistan appeal

In Pakistan, Plan is providing aid to families after heavy monsoon rains in September affected more than 6.8 million people in the south of the country. The disaster comes just as some communities were starting to return to normal after last year's devastating floods.

Plan teams in Badin district – one of the worst-hit areas - have provided shelter, drinking water and dry food rations to thousands of families who have seen their homes, crops and belongings destroyed. Child-friendly spaces have also been set up to provide children with safe areas where they can play and recover from emotional distress.

In many areas, flood water is still standing or receding slowly, preventing thousands of families from returning to their homes. Plan is aiming to provide life-saving supplies to 21,000 affected families over the next 6 months.

Cambodia relief

On-going downpours have flooded more than two-thirds of Cambodia, affecting 10% of the population and displacing 30,000 families. Plan teams have already distributed child-friendly relief kits - containing food, tents, toiletries and other supplies - to 1,845 families in Siem Reap province. We now plan to dispatch mosquito nets to 2,500 families and survival kits to another 1,130 families.

The flooding has caused widespread damage to at least 590,000 hectares of agricultural land, mainly rice paddies, as well as 2,500 kilometers of roads and 2,000 kilometers of irrigation facilities.

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