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Plan pledges extra $55 million for education projects

Investing in girls' education is a key to lifting millions out of poverty.
Investing in girls' education is a key to lifting millions out of poverty.
November 7, 2011

Over the next three years, Plan will invest an extra $55 million in education projects which will reach an additional 8 million girls in developing countries. This pledge is on top of the $113 million Plan already spends on education projects reaching over 56 million students.

Plan's pledge comes as global leaders gather in Copenhagen to commit additional funds to education programs across the world. It is hoped governments and NGO's will pledge to fill the $8 billion funding gap that exists in order to meet the 'Education For All' goals between now and 2015.

Speaking ahead of the Global Partnership for Education Replenishment event in Copenhagen today, Plan International CEO Nigel Chapman said, "Girls make up the majority of the 67 million children who are not in school in developing countries and by 2015 we need to reduce this number. We need countries to ensure that when they pledge funding to education, a significant part of these funds are allocated specifically to close the education gender gap."

Research has shown that investing in girls and young women has a disproportionately beneficial effect in alleviating poverty - not only for girls but for their families, communities and entire countries. Girls who spend an extra year at school will on average increase their lifetime income by 10 to 20%.

"We are here today not only to hold governments and donors to account and ensure they commit essential funding to education, we are also here to talk about how we can enable safe learning spaces for all children, especially girls," says Chapman.

The millions spent on education are wasted if girls are simply too scared to go to school, because of fear of violence. Quality education cannot be achieved unless international organizations, governments, local communities, teachers, parents and children work together to uphold this basic right.

"Every girl has a fundamental right to a quality education no matter where in the world she lives. Plan is stepping up to provide funding and expertise for education programs globally. We are now calling on all governments and donors to do the same. Now the hard work of ensuring the pledges make here in Copenhagen are lived up to and delivered on," says Mr. Chapman.

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